Title :
Gleaning - picking farm produce for donations
Volunteer Schedule :
One-Time Volunteers
Ongoing Volunteers
Time Frame :
late spring-fall
food / hunger
financial / emergency assistance
Willingness to pick vegetables and bring them to food pantry/program in need when farms have extra produce that they are willing to donate if we pick it and transport it for them.
some knowledge of vegetables to be able to identify ripeness for picking and how best to harvest that vegetable. But can be paired with someone with more knowledge. Ability to bend over or kneel to pick.
Hoosac Harvest
Providing access to locally grown, healthy, and sustainably-produced food: Subsidized CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares at Square Roots Farm; Growing a Row, Gleaning and other programs

PO Box 981
North Adams, MA
Phone: 413 743 0229
Website: http://www.hoosacharvest.org
Contact Person:
Caroline Scully

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